Thursday, 27 August, 2020:


It's time for all people in Townsville to start wearing a mask everywhere you go and I mean everywhere!!!!.  I am totally disgusted with the Premier of SE QLD (and her lapdog so-called health expert) who thinks it's OK to have 15,000 people in a stadium here in North QLD or any other part of QLD including the Gold Coast is OK.  These SE QLD idiots think sports and money is more important than the lives of north Queenslanders or other Queenslanders.  You wanted this ridiculous fight and the following supercars, how about you keep this all in SE QLD, if it's so important to you!!!. We've already seen how all the football and other sporting teams and their families you've taken in to "finish the season" have 'done the right thing', OH YEAH SURE THEY HAVE (with so many breeches) that's working out really well for you and the other states who have taken these idiots in; they are just not worth it!!!. and why are you still taking in flights from Melbourne......oh some idiots from the Coronavirus capital of Australia is allowed here to do work on the fighting stage here in Townsville without quarantining first. Why should they not quarantine before coming here, why should they have preferential treatment!!!!.They are in no way classed as essential workers, and even with those who are considered essential there should be NO EXEMPTIONS whatsoever from quarantining. ...........and why are we still taking flights from Melbourne including the one from tonight...??.  Why are nurses and doctors all over Australia still wearing flimsy surgical masks when dealing with or treating CoVid 19 patients. Common sense should prevail, P2 and N-95 masks should be the minimum and they are not 100%, but 95%.  We all know that surgical masks have never been designed to keep out viruses and doctors and nurses hopefully would be aware of that fact.

Monday, 3 August, 2020:


I think it's a disgrace that premiers all over Australia are allowing large crowds in their thousands for bloody football games, or even allowing all these guys and their families to come here and travel between states.  They so call close their borders interstate but they allow this crap to carry on and the so-called PM is still allowing overseas flights from the worst affected Covid countries to still come here.  People have had plenty of time since Feb-March this year to come back.  The Australian Government has to be the biggest kiss-butts in the world.  This has to stop; and so does putting sports and diplomats ahead of Australian lives.  There should be no exemptions when it comes to quarantine periods, nor should large crowds be allowed to attend stupid sports events anywhere in Australia.  It really makes me cringe that police officers and ADF personnel aren't even wearing a basic mask at borders.  I watched some higher police official on the QLD border at Coolangatta saying it's up to each officer to wear a mask if they felt safer to do so, bugger that...... the officers are pulling over drivers, leaning into these vehicles of potential Covid cases....if people are positive the vehicles would have a pretty high concentration of the virus; this is stupidity.  Boy I hope health officials and the police are checking all the aircraft from Brisbane arriving here in Townsville as well as from Melbourne and Sydney.  Apart from those guys sneaking in across the ground border, via caravan and car, and through flights from Melbourne and Sydney, I'm pretty certain they have also been sneaking in through Brisbane.

Wednesday, 15/7/2020:

Yet another flight from Melbourne has landed here in Townsville 18:33pm.  Just reading MSN News in an article by Colin Packham that the "SE" QLD Premier has invited 10 Victorian AFL teams and their families to come to NE QLD to stay for the rest of the season.  They say NE QLD has nearly all but eliminated the virus, so moving them here will keep the season alive. Who cares, people's health and lives are more important than sports. She wants them in QLD so much why didn't she keep them all in SE QLD where she already has/had 6 teams.??. Just because the limited testing hasn't previously picked up cases here, doesn't mean crap to me, so many people are just not getting tested, and it wasn't until recently that even nursing staff here in Townsville weren't getting tested because they didn't fit the criteria - ie: being a person who has returned from overseas in particular China. All these large sporting events being held here in Townsville are a disgrace, with thousands of people coming here to watch them. Watch it on TV in the safety and comfort of your own home!!. Wake up people obviously you want to end up like other countries who are devastated by this virus. The "Bread and circuses" strategy using entertainment works every time when it comes to diverting many people's minds into not looking at the serious concerns around them (Hey it's a PANDEMIC!!)  The ancient romans used this self-interest tactic and things haven't changed since.  If everyone wore a mask, indoors and outdoors; stop the flights coming in from overseas and between states along with strict hand hygiene, a proper social distancing of 2 metres, and a longer supervised quarantine period we would be seeing much better results.

Sunday, 12/07/2020:

Another flight from Melbourne has just arrived at Townsville Airport landed at 18:50pm - Gate 1.  The two new coronavirus cases reported yesterday were two returning ADF personnel from overseas but we will be seeing new cases in the next couple of weeks for sure, that's if people in Townsville get tested!.  Why are there people in Townsville thinking that this virus is a little flu or common cold???.  Please take this virus seriously folks!!.  It is not a flu nor the common cold.!.  The common cold is  A coronavirus, however this coronavirus AKA: SARS 2-CoVid-19, Novle (new) coronavirus, CoVid-19, is neither a common cold or flu and can have serious lifelong effects in those affected.  Coronaviruses are a family of viruses and there are many which infect many animals including humans.  Influenza viruses are the family of viruses that cause flu.  Just not happy with the 1.5 metre social distancing rule, it should be a bare minimum of 2 metres, droplets from just talking and exhaling can travel at least 1.8 metres  (6 feet) or more depending on environmental conditions, and most certainly when people are yelling and singing.  Coughing 6-7 metres, and 7-8 metres for sneezing.  

Saturday 11/7/2020:
Yet another flight from Melbourne coming in tomorrow- Sunday 12/7/2020 - JetStar flight:  JQ916 at approx. 18:50pm (6:50pm).  Gate 1 again!!. It's no wonder why Townsville has two new recorded Coronavirus cases as of 11/7/20 - Out of the blue" - out of the blue - coming from the sky in other words.  It doesn't matter whether you are an essential worker - nurse, doctor, police, ADF, etc; coming from Victoria, especially Melbourne, you should be quarantined for 30 days, 14 days is way too short.  But 14 days is better than these people going to work the next day or wandering around, going grocery shopping, going to the pub or day tripping to Maggie, etc.  These people are on the front lines and therefore are more likely to contract this virus.  I know myself being a former nurse. 
 I was watching ABC News News Hour on channel 642 yesterday and the lady reporter commented that Coolangatta (Gold Coast were receiving their first flight from Melbourne, obviously they missed Thursday's flight JetStar: JQ430 which landed at around 2:20pm!!.

I cannot believe that there is not one policeman or soldier on the borders of NSW and Victoria; nor NSW and QLD not even wearing a basic mask.  There seems to be a lot of flagging through to appease people travelling interstate, they are just showing a big G, C or whatever on their windscreens; how easy is that to reproduce on a computer?????.

Friday 10/7/2020:
Another flight coming into Townsville from Melbourne. JetStar flight JQ916, departing Melbourne 15:50pm arriving Townsville approx.: 18:50 through Gate 1, not 11 like the recent flights.  Several flights to Sydney and Brisbane.  Notice quite a few flights to Sydney have been cancelled yesterday and today, but some have not.

Tuesday 7/7/2020:

One more flight coming into Townsville today from Melbourne.  JetStar Flight: JQ916 due to arrive at 17:40pm.  Flights from Melbourne to Sydney and Brisbane have also been occurring.  Why aren't all people on the flights forced to quarantine?.  Travelling in an aluminum tube with recycled air, how many people have slipped their masks off in the bathroom or when they eat or drink, how many staff are wearing masks?.

Saturday 4/07/2020:

Why the hell is the Australian and QLD Government allowing flights from this COVID-19 affected Melbourne to arrive in Townsville QLD tomorrow Sunday, 5 July, 2020 from JetStar, the first of many flights according to the news, are we the sacrificial lambs here in North QLD?.  Turn these illegal flights back.!!!!

Considering the QLD government has closed it's borders to Victoria.  Furthermore why is QLD taking 6 AFL teams from this COVID-19 affected state, just remember the border is closed to Victoria at least until 10 July in QLD, time period which may be extended according to the state.  Why are football players deemed more important than the lives of Queenslanders, these football players are not health professionals nor police, nor ADF personal; it seems that the protection of every Queenslanders health and lives revolves around football, things haven't changed much since 2002/2003 where many people were dying of cancer for a football field in Brisbane.  Grow up and grow a brain. Turn these flights around.  Two weeks quarantine is a joke and we all know it, a bare minimum of 30 days is required, and that's no guarantee as we have seen in many cases. Hotels are not suitable as quarantine stations.  They cannot be properly disinfected.  Carpets, air-conditioning, air vents, air spaces, mattresses, pillows etc. Cutlery and crockery mixed with every other guest.

Testing is inaccurate, yeah since they have been testing, and no test is 100% accurate.  Just look at the AFL player who had 5 negative tests before he tested positive; and why are so-called quarantined people released from hotels actively spreading this virus, not only in the state but interstate also.  Taking forehead temperatures doesn't help when most people are asymptomatic.



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