Pet Portraits in Scratchboard: Below: Our beautiful girl - Lacy.  AKA: Bluemorn Argent Figure.  Daughter of Blaze - Aust. CH Bluemorn Blaze O Glory, which made her so much more special to us.
I have wanted to try the medium of Scratchboard for over 19 years since viewing the work done by our local art students (on scratchpaper!) whilst getting my paintings framed.
Below are photos of my very first experiment with scratchboard engraving (or etching), the image on the top left-hand side was taken in the earlier stages where I first experimented with coloured inks, didn't like it much so scratched as much of the coloured inked areas out as I could, the image on the top right is where I changed to using watercolours.  However I am quite comfortable in using the black Ampersand repair ink and quite partial to the sepia tones that it creates when watered down. 
All work on this piece was done using the Ampersand scratch knife.
Please forgive the terrible photos as I am a shocking art photographer and the top two images were taken with a simple HP Photosmart camera.
This piece was not quite finished at the time the photo on the top right side was taken as many more layers of colour had to be applied with a little more scratching left to do.  
The original black ink coating on the board is water soluble so any ink remaining after scratching tends to muddy the colours of other water soluble mediums such as watercolours and coloured inks; additionally the highly absorbent qualities of the clay component of the board has the tendency to make you apply many more layers of colour than you would normally need on watercolour paper and not having the tooth of watercolour paper the watercolour paint has the tendency to float on the surface of the board. 
The bottom two photos were taken with my new camera.  All I can say is....there's a lot to be learnt when it comes to taking photos of art......particularly scratchboard!.
This piece, a portrait of our beautiful girl Lacy AKA Bluemorn Argent Figure - has been rendered on 8 x 10 inch Scratchboard, and coloured mostly in Watercolours which have been applied with a fine liner brush.  This is the second piece of art I have completed following a 19 year hiatus from my art.  I hope you will like my first experiment with scratchboard of our gorgeous sweet girl Lacy. 
Ink scratched out.
Close-up magnified image of Lacy's (L) eye area.



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