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NEWS: 13/5/2017: 1:24pm - Tawny Coster breeding at Kelso Country Estate, Townsville. Photo on ' Kelso Country Estate Fauna & Flora' page, with more to come. 

NEWS:  The Tawny Coster Butterfly has arrived in Kelso Country Estate, Townsville 30 March-4/5 April in large numbers.  More details on Recent Bird Sightings Page.

Tawny Coster eggs 83 in this batch, oviposited on 13 May, 2017 at our property in Kelso Country Estate, Townsville.

Below are my two adopted Orangutans - on the left is Ugo Blanco and on the right is Miriam - Ugos' best buddy.  Many of those who followed my former dogwebsite would have already met these guys. Please click on their photos to go to their profile pages on the Orangutan Project website.





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